I currently do engineering at HyperTrack, where our goal is to bring world-class location tracking to apps. There's a clear gap/opportunity between operating systems and mapping platforms which I'm very excited to pursue.

I am also trying to bring together a few communities. I started MathsJam monthly meetups in Bangalore where we mostly play games & puzzles. Then, there is the blockchain developer community, Indium, who are trying to bootstrap their own cryptocurrency. And finally, I started helping out a bit with Helix Learning which is an experiential learning space for young children. They're planning to hold a month-long summer camp for kids from all over the country.

On the music-making front, things have slowed down a bit since I moved to Bangalore, although, I did start playing the keyboard recently. Watching Pehla Nasha cover by Chetan Ghodeshwar is what gave me the final nudge. BlackStratBlues continues to be the favorite. I have also started enjoying Led Zeppelin and Queen a lot more :)